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A Taste of Tantra

Join us for A Taste of Tantra community gathering for a monthly educational meet up of like-minded people willing to learn more about life, love and sex. We will use the foundations of yoga and tantra to explore the energy centers to heal past hurts, increase expressivity, deepen desire, strengthen our connections, increase intimacy and clarify our values and our intentions.

Talk To Me Yoga

A unique and integrative approach to promoting physical and emotional well being. Through a combination of ancient yoga techniques, elements of body-mind education, and traditional talk therapy, talk to me yoga weaves eastern and western philosophies to encourage self-awareness and a deeper connection to yourself and others for an enhanced quality of life. You will be guided and supported in connecting with and exploring the core principles of healthy relationships, self-esteem, and positive sexuality.


The class will incorporate a series of physical postures or asanas, meditation and breathing exercises. Changing the physical state of the body creates space for the stories of the past to surface so that we can begin working through them in the present. The class will also include discussion on various topics as well as anything that arises during class so that we can further encourage healing and take a step closer to our truest self.

Party of the Year

Want a unique party theme? Whether you're turning 4, 16, 35 or 60 ring in your new year or celebrate any other special occasion by hosting a yoga party.


A yoga party is a relaxing and energizing get together and a fun way to spend time with friends and family. Perfect for a baby shower or birthday celebration. You can still have one even if the people in your life don't practice yoga. You may be surprised at how many of them have thought about trying yoga, but haven't.


A yoga class can be up to 20 people and be from 1-2 hours long in your place or ours.

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